New Product – Hanging Air Fresheners

New Product introduced to the Website – Refillable Hanging Air Fresheners.

Hanging Air Fresheners

Our Air Fresheners are supplied in a refillable glass bottle which is plastic bung sealed for transportation, along with a contrasting black cap and hang rope.
Along with the full Air Freshener you will also receive 1 x 50ml refill bottle of the fragrance.
In all this set will last +6 Months.
Within the cap there is a cork.
Simply remove the cap, then remove the plastic bung from the bottle, replace the cap and tilt the bottle once or twice to soak the cork with the fragrance. Enjoy.
Ensure the bottle remains upright after soaking the cork, the cork is porous and will eventually leak if the bottle is not secured upright.
Every week or so simply tip the bottle again to soak the cork with the fragrance. As you drive or walk past, you will continue to receive wafts of luxurious fragrance.

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